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Compliance Services

IntegTree offers a host of compliance services – including complete program creation, training and auditing. Large or small – IntegTree can tackle all of your compliance challenges.

Psychometric Assessments

Utilizing advanced statistical analysis, IntegTree can psychometrically assess compliance culture, compliance training efficacy, ethical awareness, and more.

Cultural Localization

Your business is global, and so are your compliance needs. IntegTree’s cultural experts can tailor your compliance program to the cultural demands of your workforce, increasing efficacy and mitigating compliance exposure.

Workforce Training

IntegTree offers a variety of training solutions to meet your compliance needs. From off the shelf courseware, to customized custom build programs, online courses or offline seminars – IntegTree has a program available to address your training needs.

Compliance Exposure Assessment
Program Creation or Modification
Online or In-Person WorkForce Training
WorkForce Compliance Program Assessment

IntegTree’s experts offer complementary compliance assessments to help you identify your compliance needs.

Why IntegTree?

Compliance services require a multifacted approach. IntegTree leverages:

Business Expertise
Legal Acumen
Research Insights
Effective Training

Our experts bring to bear the best minds in industry and academia to provide you with cutting edge research, best practice policies, and custom solutions to your compliance challenges.

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