AntiDumping Enforcement

What is it?

  • The WTO broadly sets the standards for antidumping regimes
  1. The legal standard is very lenient, and allows countries to assess duties (e.g., recurring penalties) any time a company charges less for a product overseas than it does at home
  2. The country need not even have a domestic industry for your product to find a violation of antidumping laws
  • Over 60 countries have antidumping statutes
  • The US, Europe, Canada and Australia all brings antidumping cases against foreign competitors
  • Developing countries worldwide are increasingly bringing cases
  1. India brings the most cases
  2. China the second most

Why You Care

  • Over 2700 antidumping measures taken since 1995, accounting for tens of billions of dollars worth of products
  • Empirical evidence suggests that antidumping may greatly increase in developing countries in coming years
  • Companies subject to antidumping violations often see their market share decrease 30-50%; some industries have seen virtually their entire market share evaporate
  • Antidumping duties often remain in place for years, even decades
  • It is therefore essential that companies understand their risks and take actions to mitigate the serious antidumping consequences

The IntegTree Solution

  • At IntegTree we provide both training and consulting services.  Our antidumping services are tailored for both domestic industries operating abroad and foreign companies evaluating their risk of prosecution by U.S. authorities.
  • Our consulting services include auditing your risk in the countries you do business, and providing insights into due diligence on prospective foreign markets or business acquisitions.
  • We also train your workforce on antidumping and other protectionist risks.  We teach your local managers to recognize practices that may incite investigations and sanctions, as well as external factors signifying increasing risks of prosecution (such as inter-governmental disputes, lowering tariffs, domestic pressures, etc.)
  • As with all IntegTree training programs, we work with you to customize the training to that most relevant to you.  We can deliver both short training courses and a more in-depth training intervention.  Customized Online materials can also be developed to meet your specific, ongoing training needs.