Establishing A Culture Of Compliance

Why You Care

  • A strong culture of compliance is a necessary prerequisite to establish an effective compliance program
  • Having a strong compliance culture enhances the effectiveness of the compliance, preventing, and increasing detection of, misconduct.
  • It can help avoid or minimize penalties, including monetary fines and even prison sentences
  • Culture of compliance enhances accountability to your code of conduct
  • Such culture glorifies and rewards exemplars of compliance, thus enhancing ethical and compliance awareness
  • Compliance culture has the potential to break organizational silos and enhance organization wide compliance
  • Compliance culture creates compliance memory, which is crucial for your long term compliance effectiveness
  • Leads to higher employee loyalty, trust and retention

The IntegTree Solution

  • We provide both training and consulting services to enable you to establish, maintain and enhance the culture of compliance.  Our research services can help assess your specific compliance needs and create a customized plan to establish a culture of compliance.
  • Our training program can be tailored to provide comprehensive training in:
  1. The how-to’s of establishing a culture of compliance 
  2. The key pillars for establishing a culture of compliance
  3. Setting the tone from the top
  4. Best practices and strategies for enhancing a culture of compliance
  5. Regulations (e.g., FSGO) and culture of compliance
  6. Developing incentives and rewarding culture of compliance
  • As with all IntegTree programs, we work with you to customize training to that most relevant to you.  We can deliver both short training courses and a more in-depth training intervention.  Customized Online materials can also be developed to meet your specific, ongoing training needs.