Customized Ethics and Compliance Training

How can IntegTree help you?

IntegTree offers multiple training solutions to fit your organizational needs. Between Online and In-person seminars, our off the shelf programs, custom built solutions, or unique customizable modules – IntegTree has the skills and tools to meet your demands.

Educational Programs

We help organizations to develop, deliver, strengthen, and update educational courses in the area of ethics, compliance, and sustainability.

In-House Corporate Training

We assess your key training gaps to provide you customized training in a wide variety of ethics and compliance areas, for Directors, Officers, and all Employees. Click to learn about our offerings.

Online Training

We have the unique expertise and experience to help you  develop customized online ethics, compliance and sustainability training modules.

In-House Training

We assess your key training gaps to provide you customized training in a wide variety of ethics and compliance areas, for Directors, Officers, and all Employees. We evaluate whether training is legally required for you, and we work with you to maximize the competitive advantage you gain from training. Our pain free in-house training sessions are designed to fit your needs, from half day seminars to multi-day workshops.

Online Training

Our experts have extensive experience in creating, customizing, and delivering online courseware that fits your organizational needs. We mesh cutting edge e-learning technologies with pedagogical expertise honed over the years to provide you with flexible learning options without compromising the material or ease of learning.

The training solutions that we develop for your organization can be hosted in-house, or via our online training portal.

Ethics Training

  • Ethical leadership training for senior management and board of directors
  • ​Ethical Awareness training
  • Ethical decision making & managing value conflicts
  • 7point approach to solving ethical dilemmas
  • Strategies to build & enhance ethical culture
  • ​Ethics training by functional areas (Marketing, HR,  Accounting etc.)
  • ​How to get employees to take ethics seriously
  • Training on managing ethics expectations in your organization
  • Training in research ethics for universities
  • Coaching and consultations

Compliance Training

  • Board of Director training on oversight and role of fiduciary, and pitfalls to avoid
  • ​Training on regulatory compliance for managers and supervisors
  • Senior management training on mitigating compliance risk
  • Training your workforce on core issues related to 7 elements of an effective compliance program
  • Training on managing an effective compliance program
  • Code of Conduct awareness & compliance policies training (gift giving, conflict of interest, anti-discrimination, etc)
  • Compliance for government contracting (Federal Acquisition Regulations, Anti-Bribery, TINA)
  • Training on enhancing awareness for detecting and preventing fraud and misconduct
  • Risk assessment and management training.

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Ethical Awareness Training

Ethical Awareness is the most effective way of encouraging ethical behavior among your workforce and preventing misconduct.


Ethics and Compliance Training

The “Essentials of Ethics and Compliance” training inculcates with your employees an understanding of the importance of ethics and key compliance areas


Risk Mitigation Training

Compliance risk management training and education helps employees identity likely areas of compliance violations and to implement remedial actions.


Culture of Compliance Training

A culture of compliance means a system of oversight based on strong ethical foundations, rule of law, and consensus to encourage compliance among employees. 

Code of Conduct Training

Developing a comprehensive code of conduct, and train employees on key issues to ensure successful implementation of the code

Ethical Dilemmas Training

Ethics dilemmas are complex situations involving conflicting values, beliefs and moral choices – this training provides a framework to approach and resolve ethical dilemmas and challenges.

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