Ethics and Compliance Services

Our consulting and research wing provides services in ethics, compliance, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Our research services provide you data and reports via scientifically designed studies and sophisticated analysis.

Ethics Services

  • Ethics program development, management & implementation
  • Ethical culture assessments and surveys
  • Ethical culture enhancements
  •  Investigating ethical bottlenecks
  • Assistance with resolving common ethical dilemmas
  • Ethics Risk Assessments and analysis
  • Consultations on enhancing ethical leadership

Compliance Services

  • Compliance program development, management & implementation
  • Assess and enhance compliance program effectiveness
  • Risk Assessment to recognize and reduce compliance risk
  • Advice on Compliance with variety of laws such as: FCA, FAR, FCPA, FLSA, FMLA, product safety, environmental regulation, HIPAA, and more      
  • Advice on designing and implementing the code of conduct
  • Materiality assessment for code of conduct and compliance policies
  • Assistance with development of communication policies and procedure for your compliance program
  • Assistance with implementing records management procedures
  • Fraud and risk management
  • Compliance auditing and monitoring assistance

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Code of Conduct Development

Developing a comprehensive code of conduct, and train employees on key issues to ensure successful implementation of the code

Compliance Risk Management

Compliance risk management training and education helps employees identity likely areas of compliance violations and to implement remedial actions.

Essentials of Ethics and Compliance

“Essentials of Ethics and Compliance”  inculcates with your employees an understanding of the importance of ethics and key compliance areas

Establishing a Culture of Compliance

A culture of compliance means a system of oversight based on strong ethical foundations, rule of law, and consensus to encourage compliance among employees. 

Handling Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics dilemmas are complex situations involving conflicting values, beliefs and moral choices – this training provides a framework to approach and resolve ethical dilemmas and challenges.

Improving Ethical Awareness

Ethical Awareness is the most effective way of encouraging ethical behavior among your workforce and preventing misconduct.