Essentials of Ethics and Compliance

Why You Care

  • The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO) encourage organizations to implement compliance programs to prevent misconduct.  Our training provides your workforce with an overview of key ethical and compliance issues that are integral to reducing your compliance risk.
  • Prosecutors specifically look for “Good faith” commitment to compliance.  A mere “paper program” is not enough; the program must be designed, reviewed and revised, as appropriate, in an effective manner.  This means adequate education, training, staffing, communication, documentation, audit and control.
  • It is not only imperative to have an ethics and compliance program, but also to effectively communicate it and train (and periodically retrain) your employees on the program.

The IntegTree Solution

  • The “Essentials of Ethics and Compliance” training inculcates with your employees an understanding of the importance of ethics and key compliance areas
  • Our training and consulting services can help you with
  1. Assessing training and retraining needs in ethics compliance
  2. Identifying the compliance issues to be addressed and suggesting areas for improvement
  3. Helping develop a strategy to engage and educate employees on ethics and compliance in a way that is lasting and meaningful to them
  • Our training covers the specific following issues, depending on your needs
  1. The importance of ethics
  2. Solving ethical challenges
  3. Elements of an effective compliance program
  4. Compliance culture
  5. Conflicts of interest
  6. Key compliance risks
  7. Integrity and accountability
  8. Overview of the FSGO and key regulations pertinent to your company and industry
  9. Compliance policies and procedures (information security, bribery, political activity, workplace violence, etc)
  • As with all IntegTree training programs, we work with you to customize the training to that most relevant to you.  We can deliver both short training courses and a more in-depth training intervention.  Customized Online materials can also be developed to meet your specific, ongoing training needs.