Localizing Ethics and Compliance For Countries Wordwide

Your Business Is Global – So Are Your Risks.

If your core values and code of ethics/conduct are not understood in a specific cultural context, then it will be at best a code of content or at worst a code of confusion.

Localization of ethics and compliance is a complex undertaking requiring cultural and linguistic insights, combined with the knowledge of specific laws and regulations. At IntegTree our highly specialized professionals combine deep cultural insights with key international compliance challenges.


Leveraging 12 years of research experience on cultural customization we have developed a cultural analysis tool to assess the cultural sensitivity of ethics and compliance communications for any culture in the world. This includes assessing your online course modules, videos, documents and other multimedia content.


We assess these materials to analyze if the materials are being delivered in a culturally consistent communication and learning style. Based on our analysis we provide recommendations on culturally customizing your course-ware and training. We also work with your head office and international subsidiaries to develop a customized training curriculum to help you locally implement key compliance policies and generate international buy-in.

Key Areas

Cultural Risk Assessment

Cultural Risk Assessment for Implementing Compliance Policies Across the World –  Where are your vulnerable? Where is there room for improvement?

Cross- Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Ethics and Compliance Management & Implementation Training.  Learn to better connect and communicate with your overseas workforce.

Policy Localization and Customization

Localization and Cultural Customization of Training and Research of Key Compliance Policies

Cross-Cultural Training For Policy Implementation

Cross-Cultural Training for Implementing Specific Laws such as FCPA, Data Privacy, Employment laws, etc.


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With a global workforce, ethics and compliance concerns have become increasingly complex. Some areas in which your program may come into direct conflict with different cultural values include:

Code of conduct

Conflict of Interest

Integrity & Accountability

Anti-Corruption Policy (Bribery, gifts, use of company resources etc.)

Information Security

Intellectual Property Usage and Policy Compliance

Whistle Blower Provisions


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