Looking underneath the Iceberg to find real solutions to deeper problems

We provide more than just ethical climate or basic compliance risk assessment. We specialize in Customized Psychometric based measurements of ethics and compliance related issues for effective risk mitigation. ​

We rely on our years of intensive training and expertise in advanced research methodology skills to provide you with state of the art Psychometric driven ethics and compliance effectiveness assessments.

Most organizations use commonly available objective indicators such as number of calls to the corporate hotline, or percentage of employees completing specific training, number of violations/fines etc. ​However these indicators only provide you with surface information and only touch the tip of the iceberg. ​Dr. Singh and his team bring together advanced research methods knowledge and combine it with expertise in ethics and compliance to leverage psychometric testing to identify:

Root causes behind key ethical and compliance concerns

​Unexpected organizational bottlenecks behind various compliance challenges    

Deep attitudes and motives behind certain behaviors

The impact of training and other initiatives on desired outcomes

Critical compliance risk areas

Types of Psychometric Testing

Compliance Culture Assessment
Compliance Training Assessment
Ethical Awareness Assessment

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What is a psychometric based compliance culture assessment?

A psychometric driven compliance culture assessment is akin to a thorough organizational health assessment. We leverage variety of instruments to help assess various aspects of your compliance culture and provide deep insights into:

        Employee commitment to core organizational values

        Employee clarity of organizational ethical/compliance expectations

        Ethical leadership effectiveness

        Effectiveness of ethical rewards and sanctions

        Negative information blockages

        Employee perception of organizational fairness

        Employee mistrust

What is a psychometric based compliance training effectiveness assessment?

Control and implementation of your compliance program are critical factors for effective compliance management. Measurement of deep attitudes and believes, developed in response to your ethics and compliance training, can help you uncover knowledge that can put in motion a feedback loop to continuously enhance compliance effectiveness.

Some sample areas wherein we can assess the effectiveness of ethics and compliance training include:

    Impact of ethics training on ethical problem recognition

    Impact of compliance related training on enhancing compliance culture

    Impact of ethics training on facilitating ethical judgments

    Employee willingness to act ethically

    Employee willingness to act in compliance with your codes and policies

    Impact of specific compliance training (e.g., FCPA, AML, FSGO, etc.) in shaping employee attitudes and behavioral norms.

What is a psychometric based ethical awareness assessment?

The key contribution of conducting psychometrics driven ethics and compliance assessments pertains to helping employees become more self-aware of their own beliefs and actions. And also understand the impact of such actions on others. Some sample areas wherein our assessment services can provide deeper insights include:

    Employee ethical decision making style and blind spots

    Prevailing perceptions of ethical wrongdoings

    Hidden reasons behind ethical and compliance bottlenecks

    Reasons behind ethical misconduct

    Ethical habits and norms in the organization

    Employee desire for fairness and accountability

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