Compliance Risk Management

Why You Care

  • With the 2004 FSGO Amendments, organizations are now required to conduct periodic risk assessments
  • Organizations can use the findings from such risk assessments to strengthen their compliance program
  • It is important to prioritize your risks to the changing environment to keep your competitive edge
  • Lack of proper risk management can lead to compliance failures, fines, and financial loss
  • To remain competitive, organizations need to not only think of risk in generic terms, but also manage risk in specific areas such as:
  1. Marketing
  2. Data privacy
  3. Supply chains
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Wage and Labor Issues
  6. Trade
  7. Geo-political Issues
  8. Corruption

The IntegTree Solution

  • We provide both training and consulting services to identify, assess, prioritize and control risks.  
  • Our research services can help assess your specific risk areas and create a customized plan to establish a structured approach to risk management.  
  • Our training program can be tailored to provide comprehensive training in:
  1. The steps needed to establish a structured risk management program
  2. The steps needed to conduct risk assessments
  3. Basic awareness training on risk management concepts and mechanisms
  4. Exercises and training on setting the tone from the top
  5. Best practices and strategies for managing various risks
  6. Strategies for risk monitoring and control
  • As with all IntegTree training programs, we work with you to customize the training. We can deliver both short training courses and a more in-depth training intervention. Customized Online materials can also be developed to meet your specific, ongoing training needs.