Social Media Compliance

What It Is

  • Social Media is a growing source of widespread, mass interaction with your consumer base and the public.
  • Your firm’s Social Media postings are viewed by the public as official organizational statements.
  • Due to the nature of the internet, your postings are un-retractable, due to archives, screenshots, and the instantaneous nature of postings. You cannot un-ring the Social Media bell.

Why You Care

  • Social Media Compliance is of increasing concern for businesses large and small, as more client interaction takes place in the public sphere of social media.
  • Pre-Social Media regulatory acts can impact your Social Media interactions with the public in obscure, non-intuitive ways.
  • Social Media mishaps can have a lasting impact on your organization in financial and intangible reputational terms.
  •  Regulators have noted firms’ failures to provide adequate training for their Social Media account managers, and the resultant risk to which they expose themselves.[1]

The IntegTree Solution

  • We review your industry’s compliance requirements, current Social Media practices and other applicable policies to establish your baseline risk exposure.
  • We work with you to develop policies and procedures to mitigate your risk, including:
    • the development of institutional guidelines for company Social Media account usage
    • the establishment of oversight and auditing processes for your Social Media accounts
  • We train your employees in best practices, Social Media usage risks, and sensitivity to regulatory concerns in order to mitigate your compliance risk exposure.
  • We psychometrically test your employees to determine if they appreciate your organization’s Social Media compliance risks, and to determine the impact of training sessions on their Social Media interaction with your customers and the public.
  • As with all IntegTree services, we work with you to customize our solutions to your needs.